NJoy 0.2

NJoy is a variant of the concatenative programming language Joy The main difference is that it is enriched with an easy to module system with optionally private declarations.

Only a part of the standard library of Joy is implemented. The interpreter is easy to use, but the builtin functions are poorly documented. The performance of the interpreter (natively compiled and stack traceback switched off) is on par with optimized C implementation of Joy.

The implementation is tested with OCaml 3.08.4 on Linux.

This installation of this package requires installed OCaml 3 system and the *nix utility imake.

NJoy can be distributed under the GPL or the following Gymnastic Licence.

You can test the interpreter on the provided Mandelbrot set computation program mandel.joy.

usage : /njoy options filename
  -c Print version and copyright
  -g Run in debug mode (slower, but prints tracebacks for errors)
  -v Switch to verbose_mode
  -i Start an interactive loop. (prints the top stack element after each iteration)
  -e Execute the rest of the command line as a string after loading the files
  -help  Display this list of options
  --help  Display this list of options